2019 Village Trustee Elections

Message to all Northfield Caucus Members and Northfield Community

In the April 2019 municipal elections, the Northfield residents will have the opportunity to elect three Village Trustees. The current terms of the Village Trustees John Gregorio, Alan Kaplan and Tom Roszack are coming to an end. The Caucus expresses its deep gratitude to each for serving the community for the last four years. We also appreciate the dedication of our Caucus volunteers.  It is a challenging process to identify potential candidates, encourage them to come forward for consideration and discern the best fit with our Village’s needs.

For all members of the Caucus

  • Please save the three evenings of September 11-13, 2018 for our applicant interviews.  In keeping with policy, a Caucus member must be present for all candidate interviews in order to be eligible to vote. Meetings will start at 6:00 pm each evening.
  • Applicant solicitation will start on July 1.  In preparation, members of the Caucus are strongly encouraged to identify members of the community whom they believe may be good candidates for slating.  Please send names to Al Chircop or Jonathan Don.

For the entire Northfield Village Community

The Village is blessed with many capable people who would make great Village trustees. Finding the right person at the right time of their life when they are prepared to take on a volunteer commitment is difficult.  If you know someone who is looking to volunteer or whom you feel may react positively to an invitation to be considered, please let us know at contact@northfieldcaucus.com.

Jonathan Don – Chair, Northfield Village Caucus

Al Chircop – Chair, Caucus Nominating Committee