Old Willow Road Closure/Sewer Construction Project

Sewer Construction Project Rescheduled to Start Sept. 19
with Old Willow Road Closed at Willow Road

The revised construction schedule from Kenny Construction Company contracted by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRDGC) for work on a new manhole structure on Old Willow Road, just north of Willow Road, now states that Old Willow Road will be closed to all traffic at Willow Road and that the project is scheduled to begin Monday, Sept. 19 and go through November 15. A revised letter has been sent to residents and businesses in the area. The project will have no impact or restriction to water or sewer usage during construction.

Local traffic will be allowed in both directions on Old Willow Road from Wagner Road, then east on Old Willow to Happ Road and south to the entrances of both the Shell Gas Station and the Walgreens Store. All traffic will be detoured away from Old Willow at Willow Road. “Click here” to see a revised map of the traffic flow. There will be traffic control signs in place to direct traffic and traffic signals at the intersection of Old Willow and Willow Roads will be reprogrammed to facilitate the detour traffic flow. Regular hours of work will be between 7 AM-7 PM Monday-Friday. Saturday work from 8 AM to 5 PM may be required on occasion.

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