The Northfield Village caucus will be meeting September 8th, 2022 at 7pm in the Clarkson Park Lodge.

Northfield Caucus Starts Slating for Three Village Trustees on August 1, 2022

Village of Northfield Elections April 2023

Press Release

Northfield, Illinois (August 1, 2022)
The Northfield Village Caucus announces that it will initiate its slating for the election of three Village trustees in the April 202
elections. David Woodyatt, Chair of the Northfield Village Caucus, announced today the commencement of the public process.
Residents of the Village of Northfield are invited to the Caucus website ( to view the information package
available for prospective applicants.

In the April 2023 elections, Village residents will vote for three Village trustees each serving a term of four years. The three trustee
positions due for election are currently held by Todd Fowler, Charles Orth, and Tom Whittaker. Woodyatt invites all Village residents
to work with the Northfield Caucus in identifying potential candidates for these significant positions. Woodyatt comments
“Northfield has come through the last three years in a strong economic position. We are grateful to our Village management,
employees and trustees for their work in ensuring our continued economic strength. The Caucus notes that the Pandemic has
created more interest in family living in the suburbs. As a premier location, Northfield has benefited from an influx of new families.
They bring with them changing needs and expectations of their Village. The Caucus welcomes them as a strong indicator of the
future continued vibrancy of our community. The Caucus wants their voices to be heard in the applicant pool and in their voting at
the forthcoming elections.”

In a non-partisan way, the Caucus assembles the ideas and concerns of village residents and distills them into basic policy and goals.
The summarized Platform serves as a guide for the selection of Village President and Trustee candidates who are compatible with
the tenets of the Platform. On October 19-21, 2022, the Caucus will interview prospective candidates and vote on the slate of
candidates to be put forward to the village for consideration in the elections.

Nominating Committee Chair, Al Chircop, asks Village residents “to consider volunteer service to the community. We have a great
living environment which we all strive to nurture and protect. The Caucus is focused on the long- term attractiveness of Northfield
as a welcoming home for all – those who live, work, invest, shop and recreate here. We have a positive and non-partisan agenda
focused on the overall quality of life of this beautiful community. To preserve and protect these expectations we as a community
need dedicated volunteers to work with us on the Caucus and to come forward to be considered as Village trustees. We cannot
promise success to each applicant, but involvement in the process increases our mutual understanding and potentially opens roads
to different forms of community involvement.”’

Village residents interested in being considered for the positions of Village trustee are invited to complete the questionnaire and
return it to the Caucus. The deadline for applications to be considered for slating by the Caucus is October 10, 2022
Please consider this opportunity to be slated as a candidate for the Village Board or to recommend to the Caucus a Village resident
who would be a potentially attractive candidate. If you are interested in Caucus membership, please contact us. We also welcome
any contributions for support of our communications through our website, mail, and surveys. You can get in touch with us by e-mail
directly to David Woodyatt as Chair (, Al Chircop at the Nominating Committee ( or by mail at P.O. Box 8034, Northfield, IL 60093.

Village trustee Application

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