The Caucus is a community organization run by volunteers from the Northfield community with no undisclosed financial interest in Caucus affairs. We welcome new volunteers, so if you’re interested in joining us, please send a note to The Northfield Village Caucus, P.O. Box 8034, Northfield, IL 60093.

The Northfield Caucus is governed by our bylaws, as approved by our membership.

Current By-Laws June, 29 2022

Our current platform defines our current policies and organizational goals based on input from village residents.

Ratified 2020 Platform

Following is a list of Northfield Caucus members and the voting precinct they represent:

2019-2020 Northfield Village Caucus – Membership – October 15, 2020

Northfield is organized into voting precincts. A map of these precincts follows (this is a large PDF file, so allow time for the download to complete)

Northfield Precinct Map